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the results are in! / sfu senate election results

Perhaps not strangely, the main search term for people landing at my website today has been ‘sfu senate election results’.

To properly appease the masses, here they are.  A fairly small amount of students participated – 1,376.  Twice that participated in the SFSS elections.  If there’s one thing that these elections show, it’s that the elections of student representatives to university governing bodies need to be publicized more.  We had a ton of candidates this year, but turnout was relatively low.

(and yes, I won. thanks for all your support!)

Results (only elected candidates shown):

Board of Governors
Kevin Harding – 455
Arry Dhillon – 448

Ada Nadison – 590
Kevin Harding – 578
Ravi Patel – 532
Shara Lee – 506
Ali Godson – 459
Graham Hiscocks – 405
Joe Zelezny – 402
Alysia MacGrotty – 357
Fiona Li – 345
Anton Bezglasnyy – 344
Elliot Funt – 314
Cameron Noble – 266*

*Cameron Noble bumped other candidates because he is from the Faculty of the Environment, and Senate rules require one student representative from each faculty

Presidential Search Committee
Kevin Harding – 462
Ravi Patel – 425

Community Trust Community Advisory Committee
David Newman – 617

Community Trust Board of Directors
Ravi Patel – 473

envision education / re-elect me!

re-elect kevin hardingIt’s election season at Simon Fraser University, and I’m running for re-election as a student member of the Board of Governors and of the Senate of the university.  I’d appreciate your support — if you’re an SFU student (no matter grad or undergrad) you can vote in the election, which will be online on March 25-27.

For those interested in where I’m coming from, I’d suggest my campaign website, here, but also do visit the ol’ blog ( for random posts, etc.

For background, here’s my official candidate statement:

My name is Kevin Harding, I’m a fourth year student in Political Science, and I’m running for re-election as a student member of Senate and the Board of Governors.  I have been elected to the Senate twice, and am currently completing a first term on the Board.  This year, I’m running for re-election, and for election to the Presidential Search Committee.  I’m heavily involved in the SFU community, serving on a number of committees, working for the SFSS, and actively organizing with the SFU Community Coalition.
Over the past year, I’ve worked hard to make sure that students are heard at the Board of Governors and the Senate.  I sit on the Finance committee of the board, and work hard making sure that the university is accountable to students.  At Senate, I make sure that students are heard all the time—especially when decisions are being made that affect them.  I’ve worked hard to make sure that the provincial government appointees on the Board understand the university, know what’s going on, and keep our education in mind when they make their decisions.
I think it’s incredibly important that students are involved at all levels when decisions are being made that affect them at SFU—and this is why I’m running for re-election.  We need to envision education as it should be—and work together to achieve it.
In the upcoming year, there are a number of significant issues that will need to be addressed at SFU, and students’ views, opinions, and needs are central.  Here are some of the key issues:

  • Budget cuts and budget crisis should not harm our education. We all know that university funding isn’t keeping up with the actual costs of running the school and providing a high-quality education.  This is why tuition increases, classes are cut, lecture halls are crowded, and staff are laid off.  The university community needs to come together and work towards a different vision of education—one that benefits everyone, and is high-quality, and public.  Importantly, the Board of Governors must take a public stand, demanding sustainable funding to ensure high-quality, public education.
  • All students need their voices heard. Grad students are incredibly affected by the budget cuts, and the university must take them into account.  We can’t expect higher grad enrolments with declining financial support, fewer faculty able to supervise, and cuts in TA/TM positions.  We need to work towards having an increased grad role on Senate and the Board so that their views are heard.  Students can’t be students if they can’t afford it. And since grads often play a key role in teaching, undergrads need to remember that grad working conditions are undergrad learning conditions.
  • Course availability and registration issues must be addressed. Many undergrads know all too well the pain of not being able to get required courses because they’re full or not offered.  The university needs to offer required courses more often, and more of them.  A four-year degree should actually take four years—not five or six because you couldn’t get your required courses!

I’ve worked hard for two years representing you, your ideas, your opinions, and your issues at the Senate and Board of Governors.  I’m running for re-election because I think that we need to envision education as it should be and work towards achieving it. With effective student representation, anything is possible.
If you have questions, comments, or anything to say, you can contact me at  I have a website at where more information is available.  I’m also on Facebook.  Thanks for your support!