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sorry, i can’t afford it / the sfu budget and student aid

Foggy crowOn Thursday, March 26, the SFU Board of Governors reviewed and approved the proposed university budget. [n.b.: you can view a PDF of the budget here and you can read a quick analysis of the impacts here.]

I am currently a member of the Board of Governors, elected by and from the students, and I voted against the budget for a number of reasons, some of which I will detail over the next couple of days. Importantly, you will note that I said that the budget was approved — while I voted against it, this was my action, and the views I express here are my own, shared as they might be by members of the SFU community.

In this update, I will focus on the issues of student aid, as they are affected by the budget. First, the budget document (in an appendix to the main document) raised most tuition fees by 2.0%, which is the most that the Board can raise tuition in any one year.

This quite simply means that education is again more expensive for students.  Assuming a 30-credit year, a domestic undergrad student’s tuition will be $4,719.1  That breaks down to about $589 a month, assuming an 8 month year, but tuition needs to be paid in full at the beginning of each semester.  Likely kind of difficult.

It’s made even more difficult by the cuts to student aid that were passed in the budget for 2009/10.  I apologize in advance for the amount of numbers coming up, but this story is best expressed in numbers.  And the cuts are in big numbers.  More after the jump.

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  1. Tuition per credit-hour will be $154.90.